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Media Center 430 (RBZ) – NO SIRIUS RADIO – NO NAVIGATION – Refurbs and used

NOTE: Uconnectâ„¢ Phone and Voice Command are vehicle options which must be ordered separately. The buttons on the radio will only be active if the vehicle has been equipped with the option.

* The radio sales code is located on the lower right side of the radio faceplate.
* Unless otherwise noted, the information provided on the operation and functionality of the radios in this section is common to all touch-screen radios.

Seek Up/Down

* Touch the SCAN soft-key, right or left arrow soft-keys to change the currently playing station in AM, FM or SAT bands.

Radio Mode

* Press the RADIO hard-key to display the different radio modes, then press the desired soft-key to select AM, FM, SAT, HDD, Disk or AUX modes.

Auxiliary Mode

* The auxiliary (AUX) jack allows a portable device, such as an MP3 player or a cassette player, to be plugged into the radio and utilize the vehicle’s audio system to amplify the source and play through the vehicle speakers. The display will switch automatically to the AUX mode when a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack cable has been connected.
* To change radio modes while the cable is connected to the unit, press the MEDIA hard-key until the AUX tab is displayed on the top of the screen. Touch the AUX tab to return to the AUX mode.
* The control of the external device cannot be provided by the radio; use the device controls instead.

Clock Setting

* Turn the radio on, then touch the screen where the time is displayed.
* Touch the USER CLOCK soft-key (Navigation radio only).
* To adjust the hours, touch either the HOUR FORWARD or HOUR BACKWARD soft-key.
* To adjust the minutes, touch either the MINUTE FORWARD or MINUTE BACKWARD soft-key.
* To save the new time setting, touch the screen where the word “Save” is displayed.

Store Radio Presets

* Press the RADIO hard-key to display AM FM SAT in the upper left corner of the screen.
* Select the radio band by touching either the AM, FM, or SAT soft-key.
* Find the station to store by either pressing the SEEK UP/DOWN hard-key (REN and RER), touching the right and left arrow soft-keys (RBZ), touching the SCAN soft-key, or by using the DIRECT TUNE soft-key.
* Once the station is found, touch and hold one of the PRESET soft-keys in the list to the right, until you hear a confirmation beep.

Hard Disc Drive Operation
Copy Complete Audio Disc To Hard-Drive

* Press the LOAD hard-key and insert a disc, then press the MENU hard-key.
* Touch the MY FILES soft-key, then select MY MUSIC.
* Touch the IMPORT MUSIC soft-key, then touch the FROM DISC soft-key in the next screen to start the process.

Copying From USB

* Insert a USB device, then select MY MUSIC.
* Touch the IMPORT MUSIC FILES soft-key, then touch the FROM USB soft-key in the next screen.
* Select the folders or titles you would like to copy, then touch the DONE soft-key to start the copy process.

Copy Pictures To The Hard-Drive

* Insert either a CD or a USB device containing your pictures.
* Touch the MY FILES soft-key, then go to the MANAGE MY FILES screen.
* Touch the MY PICTURES soft-key to get an overview of the currently stored images.
* Touch one of the ADD PICTURES soft-keys, then select the type of media inserted.
* Use the PAGE soft-keys to page through a list of pictures and press the picture you would like to import.
* Confirm your selection by touching the YES soft-key. The imported picture is now available in the MANAGE MY PICTURES screen.
* In order to display the imported picture in the radio screen, touch the desired picture soft-key.
* Select this picture by pressing the PICTURE VIEW soft-key. A checkmark indicates the currently used picture.

Cleaning Your Touch-Screen Radio

* Do not spray any liquid or caustic chemicals directly on the screen. Use a clean and dry micro fiber lens cleaning cloth in order to clean the touch-screen.
* If necessary, use a lint-free cloth dampened with a cleaning solution such as isopropyl alcohol or an isopropyl alcohol and water solution ratio of 50:50. Be sure to follow the solvent manufacturer’s precautions and directions.